MAD - Dramaturgy Annual Show

MAD – Dramaturgy Annual Show is a Teatro Art' Imagem initiative, that had its first edition in 2009 integrated in “Fazer a Festa”.

MAD is coordinated by Jorge Louraço Figueira in collaboration with Fernando Moreira and José Leitão and has as main objective to encourage the new Portuguese dramaturgy, allowing it exhibition and scenic experimentation.

It pretends to be a theatrical forum, especially dedicated to spread the new Portuguese dramaturgical texts, answering, on one hand, to the public interest for original works and on other hand, to creators interest to exploit new texts having in mind their eventual staging, promoting the encounter and debate among dramaturges, directors, translators, critics, students, theatrical artists in general and interested public.

The Dramaturgy Annual Show consists mainly on public presentation, under the form of staging readings, of a series of unpublished theatrical pieces, non débuted in Porto.
MAD is not proposing to produce these pieces, but only divulge them among creators and producers.

Teatro Art’Imagem commits to stage annually one of the texts presented in every Show.

Last Edition   -   MAD'12  -  4ª edition   -   December, 15 of 2012    


Previous Editions

MAD'11  -  3ª edition   -   June, 18 and 19 of 2011    

MAD'10  -  2ª edition   -   April, 28 to May, 1 of 2010    

MAD'09  -  1ª edition   -   April, 25 to Maio, 4 of 2009