Primavera do Teatro - World Theatre Day Celebrations

The world theatre day (March, 27) has inspired the Maia City Council, by initiative of the Culture Cabinet, in a close work with Teatro Art’Imagem, to promote a set of activities performming arts related, in a cicle generally named “Primavera do Teatro - World Theatre Day Celebrations”.

This cycle pretends to gather theatre with plastic arts, literature, video and cinema, focusing in formation and awareness of publics, mainly youths, contributing for the increase of citizenship skills, through the consumption of cultural goods, which promote the level of civics demands.

Besides the shows of companies, groups and professional artists, national and foreigner, there are made available for the youths - kindergartens, schools and associations -, workshops of knowledge and experimentation, in close work with Dr. José Vieira de Carvalho Library.

Last Edition   -   13ª edition   -   March, 20 to 27 of 2019    



MAIA AO PALCO - Maia's Amateur Theatre Showcase

"Maia ao Palco - Maia's Amateur Theatre Showcase" is intended to enable amateur theater groups of Maia a public presentation at Maia's Forum of their shows within the cycle "Primavera do Teatro".

Previous Editions

12ª edition   -   March, 21 to 27 of 2018    

11ª edition   -   March, 21 to 27 of 2017

10ª edition   -   March, 22 to 26 of 2016    

9ª edition   -   March, 24 to 29 of 2015    

8ª edition   -   March, 27 to 30 of 2014    

7ª edition   -   March, 21 to 27 of 2013    

6ª edition   -   March, 27 to April 1 of 2012    

5ª edition   -   March, 22 to 27 of 2011    

4ª edition   -   March, 23 to 28 of 2010    

3ª edition   -   March, 23 to 29 of 2009    

2ª edition   -   March, 25 to 28 of 2008    

1ª edition   -   March, 27 to 30 of 2007