Teatro Art'Imagem

Company financed by the Culture State Ministry / DG Artes, funded in 1981, it has nowadays tree generations of professionals. Has its registered in Porto, and by protocol with Maia City Council it is responsible for Quinta da Caverneira Auditorium program, in Águas Santas.

Annually we present, more or less, tree spectacles. A new contemporary author, a classic revisited and an adaptation of a great author of the universal literature for youths constitute the vertexes of our artistic labour. The use of several theatrical disciplines and the dialogue with the new languages, are also paths for the conquest and diversification of the publics. In the last years the presented contemporary authors have been mostly from Portuguese language.

Our spectacles have a presentation season at Porto and Maia and then they are carried out to all national territory, with an average of 120 annual presentations and participations at several theater festivals. In the 80’s we had 15 international tours (several times through Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Austria, and Germany). In the 90’s we had 16 tours (through France, Spain, Belgium, England and Denmark). Since 2000 we made more than two dozen tours to Spain, Brazil, Cape-Vert and France.

Since 1982 we made the 3rd older country festival, “Fazer a Festa - International Teather Festival”, where national companies and from Galicia, Brazil and others several European companies had been presented.

Since 1994, in collaboration with Maia City Council, we organize the Maia International Comic Theater Festival were we program the best shows of this kind from Portugal, Spain, the rest of Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.

Besides the “Maia ao Palco - Maia Amateurs Theater Show”, witch the company organize since 2008, we have regular activities in theater formation for children, youth and seniors and we are responsible by the Regular Theater Programming of Quinta da Caverneira Auditorium.

After 2009 we organize “MAD - Dramaturgy Annual Show”.

José Leitão (10-nov-1945)
Founder and Artistic director of Teatro Art’Imagem, since 1981. Artistic director of Fazer a Festa festival since 1982 and since 1994 of Maia International Comic Theater Festival. Actor, stage director and dramaturge he started working in amateurs companies and has been working with several other companies. He has already taken to the scene some of most important authors. He made his artistic studies at Cooperativa Árvore and participate in several workshops.
Pedro Carvalho (17-abr-1965)

Director of the company since 1985, he is resident actor, stage director, light designer, dramatic expression monitor and technical director of our Festivals. He participate in several workshops related with this areas and has been working with the most important stage directors.

José Lopes (1954)

Work with us since 1999. Carpenter master, he his scenographer and stage technician. He has been working also with several other companies.

Flávio Hamilton

Actor graduated in acting by the Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo. In Cape Verde, was part of the Mindelo Portuguese Cultural Centre group. Collaborates with the Teatro Art'Imagem since 2005, resident actor since 2008. Has worked with Teatro do Bolhão, Teatro das Beiras, Panimixia, Efémero and Burbur. Staged by Rogério de Carvalho, João Branco, João Paulo Costa, Kuniaki Ida, Jorge Fraga, Natália Luiza, Fernando Moreira, among others. He also is a Teatro Art'Imagem stage director and former since 2012.

Daniela Pêgo

Actress graduated in acting by the Academia Contemporânea do Espectáculo. Trainee in the Teatro Art'Imagem Oficina de Teatro da Maia. Received formation from Kuniaki Ida, AluysYo Filho, Sandra Mladenovitch, António Capelo, Joana Providência, João Paulo Costa, Jorge Louraço Figueira. Staged by Sérgio Praia, Nuno Pino Custódio, Júnior Sampaio e José Leitão. Former of the Pé no Charco – Teatro Oficina, Maia’s Escola Dramática e Musical de Milheirós, Academia Arte in Motion and Teatro Art'Imagem Oficina Teatrinho ao Palco, till present date. Collaborates with Teatro Art'Imagem since 2011.

Micaela Barbosa

Actress graduated by the Évora’s University. Master in Dramatic Text by the Faculdade de Letras of Oporto University. Between 2001 and 2004 collaborates with Teatro Art'Imagem. In Cape Verde taught Dramatic Expression and History of Art, in the Jean Piaget University and Superior Institute of Education, and collaborated with the Cape Verdean journal “A Semana”, as theatre critic. Back to Portugal taught disciplines in the Theatre and Dramatic Expression areas. In 2008, she back to work with the Teatro Art'Imagem, where currently coordinates the Art’Imagem CM Maia / Quinta da Caverneira Library Theatrical Found.

Sofia Leal

Frequented the Languages, Literatures and Cultures Graduation of Aveiro’s University, acquired formation in Social Animation, Theatre, Cultural Projects Management and Production, Marketing Management and Financing of Cultural Organizations areas. Currently frequents the Patrimony Management Graduation of Superior Education School of the Oporto Polytechnic Institute. She is a board member of the CENA – Sindicato dos Músicos, dos Profissionais do Espectáculo e do Audiovisual. Between 2007 and 20012 she was ENTREtanto TEATRO executive producer and since 2012 coordinates Teatro Art'Imagem production.

Inácio Barroso

Frequented the Oporto Artistic Superior School. Acquired also computer training. Collaborates with Teatro Art'Imagem since 1998, where executed several graphic objects. He was production assistant, animator and technician. Also receive formation in the Teatro Art'Imagem Oficina de Teatro da Maia.

Leonel Ranção

Graduated in Psychology, he is Master by the Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação of Oporto University. Acquired several formations in Theatre and Dramatic Expression, also receive formation in the Oficina de Teatro da Maia. He is founder of Dream Metaphor artistic collective. Collaborates with Teatro Art'Imagem since 2013, where executed several works of photography and video.