Oficina de Teatro da Maia

Sessions from April to June, Mondays and Wednesdays, from 21h00 to 23h00
Total of Sessions  23
Total of hours of formation  46 (2 hours for session)

Structure, founded in 1997, is an initiative of the Culture City-Council of Maia City hall in collaboration with Teatro Art'Imagem, directed to sensitisation, learning, continuous formation and knowledge upgrade in the domain of scenic arts. Has as target the young public of the council with starting age from the 14 years, but many people of all ages as already passed by the Oficina.

The Oficina is a free center of studies and sensitisation driven to a young public that has been following the several formation actions since the 1st edition of the Maia International Comic Theater Festival

José Leitão
Artistic director of the Oficina de Teatro da Maia


The Oficina de Teatro da Maia, translates the result of a consistent cultural politics, that privileges the structural in detriment of the merely entertaining and that it bets, clearly in persistence and in the consistency.

The mission of this work is to produce actors, directors or playwrights, but to awaken the taste for this noble and ancient art and contribute to the formation of mentalities.

Dr. Mário Nuno Neves
Culture City-Councillor of Maia City Hall


2013 - "Apneia nas Palavras"    
Fragments from Mensagem of Fernando Pessoa
and poems of Sophia de Mello Breyner, Mário de sá Carneiro, Alberto Pimenta, among others
Conception et direction of Pedro Carvalho

2012 - "Apocalipse Não!"    
Direction and dramaturgy de Flávio Hamilton

2011 - "O Amor Mata"    
Texts of Nelson Rodrigues
Adaptation of Alex Capelossa
Direction of Micaela Barbosa

2010 - "Cenas de Shakespeare"    
Based on texts of William Shakespeare and Osvaldo Dragún
Staging and dramaturgy de Micaela Barbosa

2009 - "Breves Textos para a Liberdade"    
Based on short pieces of Gro Dahle, Gyrid Axe Ovsteng, Jon Fosse, José Maria Vieira Mendes, Marit Tusvik, Wetle Holtan
Direction by Micaela Barbosa

2008 - "Tempo de Espera: 50 minutos"    
Direction by Micaela Barbosa

2005 - "Bamos ao Tacho"    
Concept, direction and stagin by Toni Oliveira and Julieta Rodriguez

2005 - "Histórias Mínimas"    
Text of Javier Tomeo
Direction and staging by Ana Só and Sílvia Lucena

2004 - "Âmago e Cenas Só"

2003 - "SOS - Super Heróis, I need you"    
text and staging by Pedro Carvalho

2002 - "A volta ao mundo em menos de 80 minutos"    
based on Júlio Verne
adaptation and staging by José Leitão

2001 - "Robinson Crusoé"    
based on Daniel Dafoe
text and staging by José Carretas, for an ephemeral street show

2000 - "Zé Povix, o Portugalês"    
based on the books "Astérix", from Uderzo
dramaturgy and staging by Pedro Carvalho

1999 - "A Odisseia"    
based on Homero
dramaturgy and staging by José Leitão

1998 - "O regresso de D. Quixote"    
texts from Miguel Cervantes and António José da Silva (the Jew)
dramaturgy and staging by José Leitão, for an ephemeral street show

1997 - "Uma noite dos diabos"    
collective text and staging for an ephemeral street show