Oficina Teatrinho ao Palco - Dramatic Expression Atelier

Initiated in 2013, it is an initiative of Teatro Art'Imagem in collaboration with the Culture City-Council of Maia City Hall, directed to children from age of 5 to 12 and it happens at Quinta da Caverneira Auditorium, in Águas Santas, all Saturdays, during school term, from 10h00 till 12h00.

“Learning to be and to grow with the Theatre”
Dramatic Expressions activities and the Theatre help the children develop their creativity and personality, contributing to their social and emotional formation, improving their oral and physic expression and help improving the knowledge of themselves, believing on their skills and know how to deal with each other.
Dramatic Expression is a good way for children to find alternatives forms of expression in their daily routine.

This ludic and artistic Atelier consists in a initiation work to dramatic play and to first steps learning’s of theatrical practices through movement plays, improvisation and dance, music and sounds, interlacing them with words, games and plays and real or make-believe histories.

Taking advantage, in between of the little learners knowledge, their availability and spontaneity, in the final of the Atelier and annually, they present themselves to public in a performance-exercise open to community.


2015 - "Na Barca com Gil Vicente"    
Formation and Direction of Daniela Pêgo

2013 - "O Tesouro"    
Formation and Direction of Daniela Pêgo