Oficina de Teatro Sénior

Sessions de d'Avril Juin, les Lundis et Mercredis, de 15h00 à 17h00
Total de Sessions  24
Total d'heures de formation  48 (2 heures par session)

Structure, founded in 2011, is an initiative of the Culture City-Council of Maia City hall in collaboration with Teatro Art'Imagem.

This theatrical atelier is directed to all persons above the 50 years of age and the workshop occurs at the Quinta da Caverneira Auditorium, with two classes a week, during the daytime.

The class intent to convoke and gather, through theatre, a group of persons in a “major age” to a recreational and artistic experience, sensitizing them to a direct intervention on the county cultural and artistic activities, for an exercise of a participative citizenship.

One activity that intent, also, remind and/or update experiences already lived, recognize theatrical techniques or update that already known, and share in a group one collective work of preparation and public presentation of a show / final exercise in “Maia ao Palco - Maia's Amateur Theatre Showcase.

Theatre is action, body and movement, workgroup, art, critic and reflection and also knowledge and culture, entertainment and life!

2015 - "Almairos de Mentir"    
A partir de Gil Vicente
Pelos alunos da OTS Oficina de Teatro Sénior da Maia

2014 - "Ano Shakespeare - Prólogo e Fragmentos"    
Direction and Formation of Pedro Carvalho and Flávio Hamilton
Interpretation of Manuela Ramos, Manuel Morais, Carlos Paiva, Fernando Camisão, Lubélia Caldas, Maria Antónia Morais and Maria Luísa Castro

2013 - "Intermitências"    
Conception and direction of Pedro Carvalho

2012 - "Histórias Simples & Quatro Poemas e Uma Canção"    
Direction of Pedro Carvalho

2011 - "Os 8 Ofícios"    
Direction of Micaela Barbosa